Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Cold Crush: It's a Must)

by Mark B & Dialect

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Produced by Mark B
Lyrics by Dialect
Kuts by Jazz T (Boot Records)
Mixed by Mark B @ K-Boro Studios
Recorded by Despair @ The Vortex
Additional mastering by Cris Stevens for Federal Audio

Photos used by courtesy of Joe Conzo (Born in the Bronx)

Also available on limited edition 7" vinyl via King of the Beats Records. Buy here -

Yes yes y'all!

October 10th 2011 sees the eagerly anticipated return of the UK's all-star producer Mark B (Mark B & Blade – The Unknown album) (Tommy Evans - Move..Now) (Delta - The Lostralian album) with this brand new hard-hitting single Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold; a tribute to old-skool Hip-Hop pioneers The Cold Crush Brothers.

Mark teams up with Dialect (Dialect & Despair - The Vortex album) to bring it back to absolute basics with gritty-funky samples, hard crunching Emu SP1200 drum machine beats, menacing flutes, & most importantly three of Hip-Hop's key elements; knowledge, lyricism, & scratching.

Dialect pays an over-due respect to the Boogie-Down Bronx's eminent pioneers The Cold Crush Brothers (Grandmaster Caz, DJ Tony Tone, DJ Charlie Chase, Easy A.D, Almighty Kay Gee, J.D.L & Money Ray R.I.P) for those unaware Grandmaster Caz is widely acknowledged (yet unaccredited) for writing Rap's first single, The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight.

To coincide with the release Mark B & Dialect also launch their brand new website ; A 3rd eye account to the birth & passion of greatness. A site solely dedicated to preserving Hip-Hop culture through the means of interviews, stories & knowledge of its pioneers. Altogether making this one complete package not to be missed.



Yes yes y’all & ya don’t stop
Yes yes y’all & ya don’t quit
Yes yes y’all & ya don’t stop
Mark B, Dialects the ultimate

(Verse One)

You know the characters all fact no narratives
Cazamania battling lame amateurs
Paint trains, mirror panes and carriages
Passages connect BX savages

Charlie Chase, Kay Gee the mavericks 
Challengers are left with head bandages
Deep text imbed the beat catalyst to
Resurrect the rep direct candidates

Drop knowledge on wax in the apocalypse
NY City blocks the plots obvious
No stopping this here we cross-continent
Conglomerate concoct Hip-Hop dominance

Prominent, doc tags anonymous
Impoverished the Bronx scholarship (say what)
Novices are not as strong as this
Mark B, Dialect we keep on rocking it


We’re fresh wild fly & bold and we’ll
Be that way till we grow old
For the rest of our lives as long as we live
We’ll keep on using those adjectives

We’re fresh wild fly & bold and we’ll
Be that way till we grow old
For the rest of my life as long as I spit
I'll keep using those adjectives

(Bridge / scratching)

Fresh – what makes you think so Cap?
Suckers M.C’s, Sucker M.C’s
Wild - what make you say that L?
I do everything I can to make myself better
Fly – who told you that Easy?
We aint gonna name no names, no names
Bold – what gives you that impression Kay?
Cos we rock the best & the four is fresh

(Verse Two)

This is gods-ville Pelon I got chills
Watching visuals with films on old reels
Still 80 blocks, still dump Koch
Still be the real you feel in ya box 

What we got props but it's not what I do it for
Much more to New York to you & yours
Style Wars in mic cords around my sight
Saw the light divine to write raw

Deny y'all the stripes if you talking hype
I’ll Cold Crush ya life with a cobra strike
Know my type son cos I shown the right to
Own the slice Tony Tone soul on ice

JDL the place we dwell, Easy A.D
Thru the gates of hell
The Gods who fell to earth then made heaven
Legacy of legends NY seventy-seven.



released October 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Mark B

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